Kane Ace is our brand name of impact modifiers and processing aids. It is widely used for rigid PVC applications such as building materials like pipes, fittings, window profiles and sheet / film for packaging materials like press-through packs for tablet, blister packs for food, stationaries, toys and credit/bank cards.

Now application of Kane Ace has been expanded to cover non-PVC and engineering plastics application.


Kane Ace B and UM are MBS type impact modifiers for PVC which have Core-Shell structure of Methyl Methacrylate, Butadiene and Styrene copolymers. Kane Ace B and UM improves the impact strength of rigid PVC while maintaining transparency.
Due to its excellent transparency, it is used for PVC transparent sheet and film for packaging material such as press-through pack for tablets, blister pack for food, toys and general marchamdise. It is also used for construction materials such as fittings, pipes, and profiles by benefit of outstanding high impact strength.

Outstanding high impact strength.
Glossy surface and crystal clear product.
Easy processing in blow molding, extrusion, injection and calendaring.
Distinctive and deep vacuum forming.

Kane Ace FM is acrylic type impact modifiers which has Core-Shell structure of Methyl Methacrylate and Butyl Acrylate copolymers.
It is used for construction materials such as window profiles, sidings, gutters and pipes by advantage of high impact strength and good weather resistance.

Excellent weather resistance.
High impact strength.
Lower heat shrinkage.
Wide processing window

Kane Ace M is impact modifiers for Engineering plastics (PC,PBT, alloy ), PMMA and PLA/PLA alloy which has suitable design for target resin matrix and shows good performance.
It is used for electrical appliances and automotive sectors.

Kane Ace PA is processing aids of acrylic copolymers compatible with PVC. Kane Ace PA helps the processing of PVC by promoting fusion and improving melt strength.
When heated under shearing stress, Kane Ace PA fuses, increases the friction, breaks the PVC grain and will stick to the surrounding PVC particles to become a homogenous mass.
It is widely used for general applications and foam PVC applications depending on its molecular weight.

Kane Ace MC is acrylic compounds for co-extrusion with excellent weather ability, good impact strength and surface hardness balance and easy process ability than high impact PMMA(Polymethyl methacrylate).
It can be provided with powder and pellet form with several color such as white, silver, green, red, brown and black.

Kane Ace MX is concentrates of core-shell structure rubber particles dispersed in various thermosetting resins such as liquid epoxy resins.

Consistent morphology
Excellent toughening effect
No loss of Tg / heat resistance
Easy handling & mixing