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Message from Our Managing Director

Kaneka Malaysia Group of Companies will celebrate our 20 years anniversary in operation come 2016. During this 20 years, Kaneka Malaysia Group has been continuously expanding our business through affirmative capital investment based on the strategy that Kaneka’s long term vision, prioritize Asia market set forth in.

In 2015, Kaneka Malaysia Group has been grown to the largest complex plant in the Asia region (except Japan) which are consisting of five companies, Kaneka (Malaysia), Kaneka Eperan, Kaneka Paste Polymers, Kaneka Innovative Fibers and Kaneka Apical Malaysia. We are producing various kind of products, such as, Kane Ace, Eperan, Paste PVC, Futura (FPW), Apical and Graphite sheet at Gebeng Industrial Area in Kuantan.

In addition to these existing products, Kanekalon, which is under construction right now, will be started its commercial operation in October 2015, and MS polymer, on which capital investment has been decided, is scheduled for commercial operation in early 2017. These new plant will further expand our scale of operation and business.

In order to grow together with our customers and business partner, we will continue to provide high quality product while continuing to develop new products that meet customers’ requirement from the ASEAN and China region. We have the capability for innovative manufacturing that harnessed the synergy of a complex production base. We are able to build a strong relationship of mutual trust with customers by our diversity. We will have a possibility to be able to become Asia’s logistic center by leveraging advantageous FTA network. We will continue to harness our potentials to the maximum and provide high quality product.
Mr. Fukuo Tsubouchi

Message from Our Plant General Manager

The Kaneka Malaysia (KM) group production site in Gebeng Industrial Area, Kuantan, Malaysia has a solid history of strong operational performance and customer satisfaction. The site has a demonstrated ability to respond quickly and decisively to business opportunities and customer requests.

The KM team is committed to providing outstanding manufacturing and supply chain services for each of our business divisions. We are engaged at each level of the organization. Everyone is accountable for work they perform, recognizes the importance of their job, and understands the connection between their work and our customer’s success.

The KM culture places a high importance on speed to market and customer satisfaction. Our competitive cost of production, technical expertise and work force flexibility allow our business teams to clear constrains and move quickly. In addition to traditional and customized manufacturing and supply chain services, KM has demonstrated the ability to execute process development & scale-up through collaboration with Kaneka Corporation’s R&D group in Japan.

The plant is located on a 98 acres (400,000 m2) site at the Gebeng Industrial Area in Kuantan, Malaysia. The first KM plant started its operation in 1996, and since then, the site has continue to grow and will become the largest and strongest Kaneka manufacturing site outside of Japan in the next few years.

We provide quality products that make new technologies work and enable our customers and the KM plant to grow. We do this by embracing our employees' can-do spirit, 3-C concept (Challenge, Concentration and Communication), and Operational Excellence. Kaneka Malaysia will develop to be the model plant of the Kaneka Corporation’s group and will be the choice for providing innovative and total manufacturing solutions to our customers and business associates.

Mr. Syed Ahmad Syed Idrus Alhabshi