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The premium polymer of choice

Kaneka MS Polymer is an isocyanate-free, low-VOC Silyl-Terminated Polyether (STPE) used as a base resin for producing high performance moisture cure sealants, adhesives, and costings. Kaneka MS Polymer has performed successfully in variety of markets including construction, Industrial, Transportation, Flooring, Waterproofing, DIY and specialty markets and provides well-balanced properties such as durability, reactivity, and storage stability.

This unique and highly valued balance attributes is derived from the polyether polymer backbone coupled with various Silance funactional groups which vary based on grade enable Kaneka MS Polymer matching all desired requirements!


Excellent adhesion on various substrates

High durability

Quick cure

Storage stable

Low viscosity

All-weather resistance

Non bubbling

Easy to use

Wide formulation latitude

Low risk of staining and yellowing


Low Tg



Joint Sealant


  • High Durability: Good weatherability & stable in all-weather environments
  • Low Tg: Remains elastic in frigid temperatures
  • Stable Viscosity: Easy to gun and tool in cold weather
  • Paintable: Good acceptance of various paints
  • Field tintable
  • EH&S: Low VOC, Isocayante Free, Solvent Free


Elastic Tile Bonding


  • Shock absorbance
  • Bonding on metal or plastic substrates
  • Durable: good weatherability and UV resistance
  • Low viscosity: easy to apply




  • Excellent Adhesion to plastics, metals and woods
  • Lower Modulus: Tougher, no brittleness
  • Cure Speed: Quick curing, Fast strength build up
  • EH&S: Low VOC, Solvent Free, Isocyanate free, very low odor




  • Quick Cure: Fast Strength Buildup
  • Easy clean up: Easy to remove any excess form wood floor surface
  • Easy to use: Easy to trowel and spread
  • EH&S: Low VOC, Solvent Free, Isocyanate free, very low odor


MS Grade
Standard & Customary Grade S303H, S203H
Low Modulus & High Elongation S227, S327, SAX220
Lower Viscosity SAX350
High Modulus SAX260, SAX400
HighToughness SAX700 series
Faster Cure SAX500 series
Reactive Diluents SAT010, SAX015, SAT145
MA Grade
Multipurpose Adhesive MA440, MA451, MAX602
High UV Resistance / Clarity MA904, MAX923, MAX951
High strength MA480
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