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Kaneka Malaysia essentially produces a wide range of MODIFIERS and PROCESSING AIDS for the plastics industry. MODIFIERS alter the properties of the original plastics to improve on the lack of certain properties. In PVC, impact MODIFIERS are added to improve the impact resistance. In certain Engineering Plastics, MODIFIERS are added to improve appearance, impact resistance or even to provide flame-retardancy. PROCESSING AIDS, on the other hand are generally acrylic resins that improves PVC processability without diminishing the essential properties of PVC.

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Packaging Materials


Characteristics of IM

1. Methyl Methacrylate-Butadiene-Styrene Copolymer

  1. Outstanding high impact strength.
  2. Glossy surface and crystal clear product.
  3. Easy processing in blow molding, extrusion, injection and calendaring.
  4. Distinctive and deep vacuum forming.

Kane Ace Main Features Applications
B-513 Excellent clarity without crease whitening Sheet & Plate





General purpose with good impact strength and transparency Film, Sheet, Plate & Bottle
B-564 Excellent impact strength for opaque applications Pipe, Fittings & Profile

2. Kane Ace FM (Acrylic type)

  1. Excellent weather resistance.
  2. High impact strength.
  3. Lower heat shrinkage.

Kane Ace Main Features Applications


Weather Resistant.

High charpy impact strength.

Improved impact with wider process window.

Pipe, Profile, Windows & Industrial Materials
FM-80 Transparent with good impact strength.

Weather Resistant.

Improved impact with wider process window.

Pipe, Profile, Windows & Industrial Materials

Kane Ace Impact Modifier (IM)

Kane Ace Impact Modifier as being our main additive used to improve toughening characteristics of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins and engineering plastics.

Characteristics of PA

Kane Ace Processing Aid (PA)

Kane Ace PA is an acrylic resin that improves PVC process ability without diminishing essential properties.

Function of Gelation Type PA

Improve (Melt) Gelation

1) Shorter Fusion Time

2) Improved Product Outlook

No PA-20 PA-20 / 2phr

Improve (Melt) Viscosity & Elasticity

1) Improve Draw-Down

2) Homogenous Mix / Good Calendar Bank Rotation

PA-20 not added (after 4min) PA-20 / 2phr (after 4min)

3) Deeper Vacuum Forming

PA-20 not added PA-20 / 2phr

4) Good Foam Ability

PA not added PA-60 / 6phr

A) Gelation Type PA

Grades PA-18 / PA-19 / PA-20 PA-40 PA-60
Molecular Weight
( Mw × 106 )
1.0 – 1.5
3.0 – 5.0
5.0 – 7.0
Application Rigid sheet, profile, pipe, bottle, injection & etc. Foam profile and pipe. Soft PVC sheet Foam sheet
Effect on properties General Purpose Good surface, gloss improver Low density

B) Lubricated PA

Kane Ace Type Molecular Weight Application
PA-101 Lubricated 0.5 × 106 Rigid PVC

High polymer modifier that improves lubricating process ability without diminishing essential quality.

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