Company Profile

A brief of Kaneka Malaysia company introduction.

Items Kaneka (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (KM) Kaneka Eperan Sdn. Bhd. (KEP) Kaneka Paste Polymers Sdn. Bhd. (KPP) Kaneka Innovative Fibers Sdn. Bhd. (KIF) Kaneka Apical Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (KAM) Kaneka MS Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (KMS)
Date of Corporation 1995, Aug 1996, July 1999, Jan 2010, Sep 2012, Feb 2015, May
Products Impact Modifiers & Processing Aids Expandable PE & PP Pellets, Beads and Planks D-PVC & E-PVC Paste Synthetic Fibers for Hair Products Polyimide Film, Graphite Sheet and GS Stickers Liquid Polymers


A brief History of Kaneka Group.

Kaneka MS Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (KMS)

Established in May 2015.

Kaneka Apical Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (KAM)

Established in February 2012.

Kaneka Innovative Fibers Sdn. Bhd. (KIF)

Established in September 2010.

Kaneka Paste Polymers Sdn. Bhd. (KPP)

Established in January 1999.

Kaneka Eperan Sdn. Bhd. (KEP)

Established in July 1996.

Kaneka Electec Sdn. Bhd. (KET)

Established Sep 1995. (KET ceased operations in 2008 due to downtrend consumption of color TVs & monitors)

Kaneka (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

Established in August 1995. (Fully owned by Kaneka Corporation, Japan)

Corporate Visions and Philosophy

Technology and Creativity

Our Vision for Kaneka is to bring benefits to people, the natural environment, and the world in general. To do this, we build harmony between people and technology, promoting business activities that integrate smoothly with society. We want to be a company that makes dreams come true…

A Brighter Future

To realise our vision for society, we want to contribute to a convenient, comfortable, and flourishing global community. We have continuously contributed to society by looking to the future and overcoming challenges through innovation to create new values…

Corporate Philosophy

With people and technology growing together into creative fusion, we will break fresh ground for the future and tie in to explore new values.

We are also committed to challenge the environmental issues of our planet and contribute to upgrading the quality of life.