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EPERAN™ Is Everywhere In Our Life

Why Choose Our Expanded Polypropylene & Polyethylene

As a leading EPP and EPE beads supplier, we strive to provide the finest quality for our customers. We offer EPERAN™ which is Expanded Polyethylene, and EPERAN™ PP, also known as Expanded Polypropylene, which are high performance Expandable Foam with excellence cushioning and multi-shock absorption properties. These materials have high compressive strength, light weight, and design flexibility, which are ideal for packaging, automotive parts, returnable containers, and etc. Besides Malaysia domestic market, we also export our materials to regional market; namely South East Asia, Australia, Taiwan, India, and Pakistan.

Kaneka Eperan Sdn. Bhd. is accredited with IATF 16949 which align with International Automotive standard requirements on the process, quality and management system. This is to focus on our continual improvements, defect prevention and reduction of waste variation in the supply chain. It also enhances our ability as EPP and EPE beads suppliers to achieve high-quality levels in the challenging automotive sector.



Malaysia’s Trusted EPP & EPE Beads Supplier

Our company has been an established EPP & EPE Beads Supplier in Malaysia. EPERAN™ is a product name of polyolefin foam which Kaneka has uniquely developed with bead method and successfully commercialized for the first time in the world. Our product of EPERAN™ PP- polypropylene foam, and EPERAN™ -polyethylene foam support peoples’ lives in a variety of Food/Housing scene, industrial, automotive, and etc with its energy absorption and light weight properties.

EPERAN™ PP – Expanded Polypropylene

The Best Expandable Foam in Malaysia

EPERAN™ PP is basically expanded polypropylene. Being an expanded polypropylene, it has superior mechanical and energy absorption properties. These excellent properties make it ideal material especially for automotive industry, engineering products and reusable containers. EPERAN™ PP is also extensively used in packaging applications due to its high temperature resistance and excellent creep characteristics, even at low densities. It also easily molded into complex shapes.

L-EPP or Lightweight EPP is one of our exclusive material which can reduce the weight and lower mileage. It is especially beneficial and mainly used in automotive to reduce the total mass and cost.

EPERAN™ – Expanded Polyethylene

Top-Notch Expandable Foam Quality in Malaysia

EPERAN™ Expanded Polyethylene foam is well known for its elastic unbreakable property, chemical resistance, strength and flexibility. It is also known as an expandable foam. When subjected to shock, as a result of accidentally being dropped, or to vibration in transit, EPERAN™ can absorb stress and will not break or deform easily, thus giving excellent protection to sensitive products. Its remarkable softness makes EPERAN™ an outstanding product for safeguarding delicate products from scratches or marks.

Antistatic EPERAN™ was especially developed to protect sensitive electronic products from electrostatic discharge or to keep precious products free from dust. If you are interested you can learn more about our other products, such as our Silyl Terminated Polyether, our processing aids for PVC or our graphite sheet stickers.


Shape molding
Shape molding

EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ can be easily made designed into complex shapes using established steam chest molding techniques.


When subjected to impact shock, as a result of being dropped, or to vibration in transit, EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ can easily absorb stress and will not break or deform in normal use.

Energy absorption
Energy absorption

EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ have outstanding cushioning and energy absorption properties and can therefore offer excellent solutions in the field of safety and protection for the automotive and other industries.

Flexibility and resilience
Flexibility and resilience

EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ demonstrate outstanding elasticity and strain recovery properties, allowing the foam parts to return to their original shape even after severe bending or compression.

Structural strength
Structural strength

EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ have high load characteristics and strength, high temperature resistance and excellent creep characteristics, even at low densities.


EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ have excellent impact strength, strain recovery and flexibility. Furthermore they have superior resistance to UV radiation, abrasion and other physical and environmental wear and tear.


Due to their outstanding cushioning properties, EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ can provide outstanding results with a minimum of volume and weight, thus being more cost effective to transport, store or in overall weight reduction.


Thanks to the closed-cell structure, EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ have a superior long-term floatation capability, and they are not affected by lengthy exposure to either fresh or salt water.

Thermal properties
Thermal properties

Being closed-cell foams, EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ have effective insulation properties and thermo-stability. In the recently developed specialty products the thermal insulation were boosted to a superior level.

Flame retardancy
Flame retardancy

Although the flame retardant properties of standard EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ are limited, the non-halogen flame retardant grades dispose of self-extinguishing properties in both horizontal and vertical burning conditions. And in case of a fire, the heat release rate is low and the generated smoke is non-toxic.

Chemical resistance
Chemical resistance

EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ show little or even no degradation when exposed to various oils and chemicals and have excellent weather and moisture resistance.


EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ consist solely of easily recyclable polypropylene and polyethylene.



EPERAN™ PP and EPERAN™ are widely used in the automotive industry due to its outstanding cushioning and energy absorption.  It offers excellent solutions in the key components of  safety and protection for both vehicle occupants and pedestrians.


Excellent cushioning properties and dimensional stability make EPERAN™ PP and EPERAN™ outstanding products for packaging in protecting and safeguarding delicate and fragile items.

EPERAN™ PP is also used extensively in returnable packaging internally or externally in the manufacturing line as it protects the high value products in transit throughout the supply chain.


Halogen-Free flame retardant EPERAN™ PP provides suitable thermal insulation for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration) applications. Its heat resistancy and design flexibility can functionally be applied to heat-exchangers and boilers to house the system.


The strong, resilient and chemically resistant closed-cell foam has a host of properties which make it the material of choice for a multitude of applications in recreational area. It can be integrated to make products become more protective especially from multiple impacts.


Halogen-Free flame retardant EPERAN™ PP can be applied to seats for ships, trains, aircrafts. Its flame retardant and light weight properties is important for the safety and reduction of total mass.



EPERAN™ PP & EPERAN™ planks are suitable for integration usage of other packaging materials to protect and safeguard fragile items.



Grade Name
Recommended Molded Density (g/L)
Material Bulk Density (g/L)
Beads diameter (mm)
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EPE White SeriesSDS
EPE WhiteES2046.5 ± 4.738.0 ± 3.03.3 ± 0.7TDS
EPE WhiteES3031.0 ± 3.126.5 ± 2.04.2 ± 0.8TDS
EPE WhiteES3824.5 ± 2.520.0 ± 2.05.1 ± 1.0TDS
EPE WhiteEM3526.5 ± 2.722.5 ± 2.06.4 ± 1.3TDS
EPE WhiteEM3824.5 ± 2.519.5 ± 2.06.5 ± 1.3TDS
EPE Black SeriesSDS
EPE BlackEBM3824.5 ± 2.519.5 ± 2.06.5 ± 1.3TDS
EPE Grey SeriesSDS
EPE GreyEGS3031.0 ± 3.126.5 ± 2.04.2 ± 0.8TDS
EPE Anti-static Pink SeriesSDS
EPE Anti-static PinkEAS2046.5 ± 4.7TDS
EPE Anti-static PinkEAS3031.0 ± 3.126.5 ± 2.04.8 ± 1.0TDS
EPE Anti-static PinkEAS38R24.5 ± 2.520.0 ± 2.05.1 ± 1.0TDS
EPE Anti-static PinkEA3526.5 ± 2.722.5 ± 2.07.2 ± 1.4TDS
EPE Anti-static PinkEWS38 (White)24.5 ± 2.520.0 ± 2.05.1 ± 1.0TDS


Grade Name
Recommended Molded Density (g/L)
Material Bulk Density (g/L)
Beads diameter (mm)
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EPP White SeriesSDS
EPP WhiteP1181.8 ± 8.263.5 ± 5.53.3 ± 0.7TDS
EPP WhiteP1560.0 ± 6.050.0 ± 3.03.6 ± 0.7TDS
EPP WhiteP2240.9 ± 4.135.0 ± 2.54.2 ± 0.8TDS
EPP WhiteP30J30.0 ± 3.026.5 ± 2.04.1 ± 0.8TDS
EPP WhiteP4022.5 ± 2.321.0 ± 1.55.0 ± 1.0TDS
EPP WhiteP45J20.0 ± 2.017.35 ± 0.654.8 ± 1.0TDS
EPP WhiteLBS18SS50.0 ± 5.039.0 ± 2.53.0 ± 0.7TDS
EPP Black SeriesSDS
EPP BlackLBK1181.8 ± 8.263.5 ± 5.53.3 ± 0.7TDS
EPP BlackLBK1369.2 ± 6.956.5 ± 3.53.5 ± 0.7TDS
EPP BlackLBK1560.0 ± 6.050.0 ± 3.03.6 ± 0.7TDS
EPP BlackLBK20R45.0 ± 4.538.0 ± 2.54.0 ± 0.8TDS
EPP BlackLBK2437.5 ± 3.831.5 ± 2.04.3 ± 0.9TDS
EPP BlackLBK3030.0 ± 3.026.5 ± 2.04.6 ± 0.9TDS
EPP BlackLBK30R30.0 ± 3.026.5 ± 2.04.6 ± 0.9TDS
EPP BlackLBK30P30.0 ± 3.024.5 ± 2.04.8 ± 1.0TDS
EPP BlackLBK40R22.5 ± 2.320.0 ± 2.05.1 ± 1.0TDS
EPP BlackLBK4520.0 ± 2.017.0 ± 0.75.5 ± 1.1TDS
EPP Grey SeriesSDS
EPP GreyPG1560.0 ± 6.050.0 ± 3.03.6 ± 0.7TDS
EPP GreyPG2240.9 ± 4.135.0 ± 2.54.2 ± 0.8TDS
EPP Anti-static Pink SeriesSDS
EPP Anti-static PinkPA2045.0 ± 4.538.0 ± 2.54.0 ± 0.8TDS
EPP Anti-static PinkPA3030.0 ± 3.026.5 ± 2.04.6 ± 0.9TDS
EPP Anti-static PinkPA4022.5 ± 2.319.0 ± 1.05.2 ± 1.0TDS
EPP Anti-static PinkPA4520.0 ± 2.017.0 ± 0.75.5 ± 1.1TDS
EPP Anti-static PinkPPA1560.0 ± 6.050.0 ± 3.03.6 ± 0.7TDS
EPP Anti-static PinkPPA3030.0 ± 3.026.5 ± 2.04.6 ± 0.9TDS
EPP Dissapative SeriesSDS
EPP DissapativeLBK35DN25.7 ± 2.6TDS
LEPP White SeriesSDS
LEPP WhiteRBS13.566.7 ± 6.753.0 ± 3.53.6 ± 0.7TDS
LEPP WhiteRBS17.551.4 ± 5.144.0 ± 3.03.8 ± 0.8TDS
LEPP WhiteRBS2437.5 ± 3.831.5 ± 2.04.3 ± 0.9TDS
LEPP WhiteRBS3625.0 ± 2.521.0 ± 1.55.0 ± 1.0TDS
LEPP Black SeriesSDS
LEPP BlackRBK13.566.7 ± 6.753.0 ± 3.53.6 ± 0.7TDS
LEPP BlackRBK17.551.4 ± 5.144.0 ± 3.03.8 ± 0.8TDS
LEPP BlackRBK2437.5 ± 3.831.5 ± 2.04.3 ± 0.9TDS
LEPP BlackRBK3625.0 ± 2.521.0 ± 1.55.0 ± 1.0TDS
EPP Flame Retardant SigmaSDS
EPP Flame RetardantLBK15HB60.0 ± 6.050.0 ± 3.03.6 ± 0.7TDS