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KaneVinyl PVC™

Kaneka Paste Polymers manufacture KaneVinyl PVC using two sophisticated manufacturing techniques — Micro-suspension Grade and Emulsion Grade. We offer the highest quality PVC Emulsion, PVC Paste Resin Manufacturer and PVC latex which meets a wide range of market demands, such as artificial leather, wall coverings, floor coverings and many more. Kaneka’s persistent pursuance of innovation and investment in R&D to meet market and customer demands.

Product Name

PVC M.Suspension (Paste)


  • Leather (PSM-31)
  • Disposable Glove (PSH-31)
  • Non Disposable Glove (PSM-30)
  • Cap Seal (PSH-10)
  • Tarpaulin (PSH-36)
  • Wallpaper (PSL-75)
  • Flooring (XH-27C)
PVC Emulsion (Paste)
  • PU Sealant (EH-251)
  • Non Penetration (EM-552)
  • Yoga Mat (EL-31)
  • Can Coating (EH-150)
  • High Thixotropic (EM-235)
PVC Latex
  • Latex Compound (LX-831)

Key Highlights

PVC Emulsion, Paste Resin & Latex Manufacturer Malaysia

Controlling the thickness and weight of the PVC layer on the substrate requires the non-penetration feature. KaneVinyl non-penetration grades are specially designed with different particle sizes to prevent excessive penetration of the PVC layer into the substrate. It also features dilatant behaviour for better PVC weight control during the dipping process.
Application: Working Glove
Recommended grade: EM-552

Rheology Modifier

Plastisol flow behaviour has a significant impact on PVC product manufacturing; hence a rheology modifier is frequently used in plastisol preparation. KaneVinyl grades are designed to handle all types of fluid flow requirement, including Newtonian, pseudoplastic, and dilatant.
Recommended grade: Pseudoplastic modifier: EM-235, EM-271
Dilatant modifier: EM-550 series

Matt Surface

Certain applications necessitate a matt appearance on the PVC end product. KaneVinyl cross-linked grade features a matt surface finishing feature. With special cross-linked technology, the light reflection on the PVC surface layer will be scattered around, resulting in a low glossy surface effect.
Application: Flooring, Screen-printing
Recommended grade: XH-27C

FDA compliance

Compliance with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is required for PVC products used in food, medicines, cosmetics, and some medical equipment. FDA compliance grades from KaneVinyl are tested by an authorised laboratory.
Recommended grade: PSM-30, PSH-10


Micro-suspension Grade

Grade NameK ValueViscosity (mPas)Recommended ApplicationsFeaturesSDS
PSH-25803,000Automotive artificial leather, Floor coveringExcellent physical properties, Low foggingDownload
PSH-31772,000Artificial leather, Disposable glove, Flooring coveringGood physical properties, General useDownload
PSH-36762,500Tarpaulin, Artificial leatherGood physical properties, Good air releaseDownload
PSH-10753,500Toys, Cap seal, Underbody coatingHigh transparency, Low water absorption, Good electric resistanceDownload
XH-27C743,000Floor coveringMatt finishing, Good air releaseDownload
PSM-30736,000Glove, Underbody coatingThixotropic rheologyDownload
PSM-31732,500Artificial leather, Toys, TarpaulinGeneral useDownload
PSM-71732,500Toys, Foam layerFast gelation, Gloss surfaceDownload
PSM-72E732,000Glove, ToysGood air releaseDownload
PSL-31662,000Artificial leather (Foam)Fast gelation, Good foam-abilityDownload
PSL-75664,500Floor covering, WallpaperHigh blowing ratio, Low water absorptionDownload
SL-273605,000Wallpaper (High speed coating)High blowing ratio, Thixotropic rheologyDownload

Emulsion Grade

Grade NameK ValueViscosity (mPas)
Recommended ApplicationsFeaturesSDS
EH-50822,500Automotive artificial leatherLow VOC, Excellent phyiscal properties, High transparencyDownload
EH-60803,000Automotive artificial leather, Floor coveringLow VOC, Low Fogging, Excellent phyiscal propertiesDownload
EH-150774,000Can Coating, Marking FilmGood physical propertiesDownload
EH-250739,000SealantLow water absorption, Thixotropic rheology, High clarityDownload
EH-251765,500SealantLow water absorption, Thixotropic rheology, High clarityDownload
EM-31721,500Artificial leather, Coir MatGood physical propertiesDownload
EM-2357048,000High foam mat, Rheology modifierHigh blowing ratio, Thixotropic rheologyDownload
EM-2717063,000Underbody coating, Rheology modifierThixotropic rheologyDownload
EM-550734,500Working gloveGood physical properties, Dilatant rheologyDownload
EM-551732,500Working gloveGood physical properties, Dilatant rheologyDownload
EM-552792000Working gloveExcellent physical properties, Excellent dilatant rheologyDownload
EL-31682,500Carpet backing, Foam matFast blowing speed, Good foam-abilityDownload
EL-33663,500Carpet backing, Foam matFast blowing speed, Good foam-abilityDownload
EL-231686,000Foam mat, High foam materialHigh blowing ratio, Thixotropic rheologyDownload

* Viscosity data for EM-55X grades are calculated based on Resin/DOTP:100/120. Other Emulsion grades are 100/80
* Viscosity data for Microsuspension grade are calculated based on Resin/DOTP : 100/60

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